Howdy Bar-B-Q Lovers and Outdoor Enthusiasts!

We're having a late summer this year in our usually sunny Southern Alberta. And we've been hearing from alot of folks who are anxious to enjoy their back yard during these precious few weeks of sun we have left. (You never know when it'll snow around here!)

It's still early enough to get started on your landscape work, your patios and your ponds so that you can have the rest of the summer to enjoy them... downing some refreshing drinks with your best buds (and not having to worry that the kids will get stabbed by those overgrown prickly weeds.)

So, if this is you:

  • I'd rather relax on my weekends off then build an entire deck, shovel stones around and get sunburned
  • I want my landscaping finished ASAP so that I can enjoy it, instead of having to work on it for 40 weekends and wait another 2 years to spend some quality time out there
  • I LOVE having Bar-B-Qs but my wife is embarrassed to invite our friends over because my yard looks like $H**
  • I want a pond in my backyard, but when I take my laptop outside to follow the You Tube instructions, the glare of the sun always gets in the way

If you answered YES to any of the above, then we're a prefect match!

Rock Bottom's 12 years of landscaping experience and quality craftsmanship can have your entire landscape job done in no time at all. We've got a great crew of experienced people that'll come in, take over and clean up! Ponds? We've done 80 of them... I think we've got the hang of it! Landscaping of any kind? Well ... 4 months of summer X 15 years in business, Yup, that's about 18, 000 hours of experience times how many workers??

Want to see some examples of our work, check out our Portfolio

So you get the point, we've got you covered. Call Beau to get a NO OBLIGATION estimate 403-617-6676. And that cowboy (a real one you know, giant leather belt and an entire ranch to go with it!) will ride on down to your place and tell you exactly what to expect, when and how much.

We're getting pretty busy so pick up the phone and book an appointment before it's too late 403-617-6676

(Don't worry, if this page is still up, that means we're still accepting appointments for quotes)

PS. Refresh the page to see more testimonials from our raving fans!

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