Rock Bottom Portfolio

At Rock Bottom Hard Landscaping, creating new landscape designs or revitalizing established ones, is our specialty. No matter how small, an amazing amount of detail and interest can be incorporated into any outdoor space.

From architectural structures and features, exotic paving and wall treatments, to water features and beautiful gardens, an outdoor landscape can be all things to the senses. If you are looking for some privacy, wanting that relaxing space to read the paper or enjoy a glass of wine, a well designed outdoor haven can be a world in its own.

Complete Landscaping

View our Design Portfolio to see examples of the Complete Landscaping work we have done, including before and after pictures.

25 Foot Slope Landscaping Project

The challenge was transforming an extensive 25 foot slope spanning across 50 feet of undisturbed ground into a well designed outdoor space that the homeowners could enjoy. engineers were brought in to inspect the construction and stability of the walls.

This outdoor space was converted from a large and unusable slope to a pleasant landscape with 3 patios and an outdoor fireplace for friends to admire and the family to enjoy. View Start to Finish Landscaping Pictures & Details

rockbottompictures_683-179x238.jpg 14-179x238.jpg

An Acre of Landscaped Backyard for Young Family

The landscape project involved an inner city home with almost an acre of undeveloped backyard space. The challenge was to design and develop an inviting environment that made use of all the open space in this substantial backyard while keeping the family's children in mind.

The result was a truly refreshing space with walkways wandering throughout the property, benches to provide a place to admire the view, and a place where the children could safetly enjoy their outdoor adventures. View Start to Finish Landscaping Pictures & Details

rockbottompictures_616-179x238.jpg 24-179x238.jpg

Landscape Upgrades

Looking for an upgrade? Got that one corner of the yard that needs a lot of work? Take a look through our Feature Galleries below to get ideas of how to transform your trouble spots.


  • Planters and Plantings

    Plants can be selected for a specific landscape theme, such as seasonal color changes, attracting birds or butterflies, or displaying collections of plants such as herbs or roses. (0 Pictures)

  • Woodwork

    Woodwork adds an attractive and practical aspect to your landscape, whether you want to cover a courtyard patio, build a deck or create an arbor. (0 Pictures)

  • Water Features

    Water features add sound, movement, and enjoyment into your landscape spaces. They can add beauty to stark walls, invite wildlife and bring tranquility after a long day. (0 Pictures)

  • Patios, Paving Stone

    A patio or deck invites you to stay for a while and relish the outdoors. Your path or walkway lets you move around and enjoy every corner of your home's landscaping. (0 Pictures)

  • Complete Landscapes

    A complete and stunning transformation of an outdoor space using creative landscape design, ensures that your outdoor investment matures into an environment of lasting satisfaction, as well as adds value to your property. (0 Pictures)

  • Masonry, Walls, Stairs

    From rustic stone steppers to sophisticated paver designs, there is a suitable look for every landscape project. Walls in general add distinctive character to the site, while retaining walls add more function to a sloped property. (0 Pictures)