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Fall Landscaping Ideas

Posted By: dafnelees Posted On: Aug 15, 2013 to Section(s): Rock Bottom


Grass Clippings and Mulching

Posted By: dafnelees Posted On: Jul 22, 2013 to Section(s): Rock Bottom


I´ve heard conflicting information regarding grass clippings. Can I put my grass clippings back on the grass; some people are telling me that I might give my grass a disease. Who is correct?

Low Maintenance Summer Gardening

Posted By: dafnelees Posted On: Jun 17, 2013 to Section(s): Rock Bottom


Especially in late summer, you want to enjoy your garden instead of working in it. But we all know that to keep your garden looking great, there are still a few chores you need to do.

Here are a few tips to help you keep on top of things while still enjoying those last days of hot sun.

Rabbit-resistant plants.

Posted By: dafnelees Posted On: May 29, 2013 to Section(s): Rock Bottom


Can you suggest some plants that rabbits won´t eat? They chew on everything I plant in my yard.

You´re wise to start with plants that rabbits prefer not to eat. (If they´re hungry enough, they ´ll eat almost anything).Although you can use fencing to exclude rabbits from your garden, and you can spray plants with rabbit repellent to discourage them from munching your landscape, you can also take the easy way out and grow trees, shrubs, and flowers that they normally avoid. See a list of rabbit-resistant plants that the Royal Horticultural Society publishes.

HARDy Annuals

Posted By: dafnelees Posted On: May 29, 2013 to Section(s): Rock Bottom


What are hardy annuals? I thought annuals were killed by frost.

Most annual flowers won’t survive over the winter in cold climates, but many tolerate some frost.

Some annuals, such as pansies, violas, and flowering kale, survive heavy freezes. Some hardy annuals to try include alyssum, lobelia, phlox, cornflower, dianthus, nasturtium, poppy, pot marigold, snapdragon, stock, and sweet pea. These plants perform best in cool weather and will bloom best in spring and fall. In midsummer, when temperatures are high, most of them will stop flowering. With the return of cooler temperatures in fall, they will begin to boom again.

Image courtesy of Simon Howden at Free Digital

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